Geared Motor Models


Outline of Products

  • S-1620・2230・2435Series・・・・・・・・Planetary Type Geared Motor
  • S-3626・3628・3633・3644Series・・・・Spur Type Geared Motor

Before using this site:

  • Motor spec. shown on each model's page is Rated Output value.
  • Torque, Speed and Current shown in speed/torque table of each model is the value at max. efficiency at combination of motor and gear. If you want to know the value of No Load Speed, No Load Current, Lock Current, Lock Torque which is not shown in this site, please ask our Sales Dept by E-mail.
  • Further special shape of shaft (shaft with some additional processing or length) might be acceptable.
  • We have more motor lines in addition to the one described in this site. For further details, please contact us.